Teambuilding: Relationships that last    

Dynamic Growth Strategies brings strong experience in building teams that have lasting effects on their organization. We have time-tested skills in everything from building general team acumen to installing self-directed teams. We have proven results in a variety of industries, cultures, and circumstances. We work with your leaders to ensure the organization has a thorough understanding of the value and usage of teams to meet their goals. We employ cutting-edge solutions that include tools, techniques, experiential learning– all with a clear focus on real business issues. In fact, we rarely use ‘case studies’ and ‘role plays’; rather we utilize real situations in helping teams develop and reach their goals.

In everything we do, we benchmark the team’s development, collectively and individually. We measure results along the way and provide verifiable metrics of success. Our complete focus is on helping teams build relationships that build on the power of one + one. In turn, they learn how they can contribute to the overall organization's success.

We customize our services to meet the unique needs of each team and each organization. Included in such programs are elements such as:

  • How to apply team synergy in your organization
  • How teams develop and their predictable stages
  • Effective team leadership and membership skills
  • Utilizing the Group Development Assessment© to determine your team’s
  • stage of development and current developmental issues
  • Evolution from a group to a high performance team
  • Effectively starting a team: building from hopes, expectations, and concerns
  • Understanding and appreciating personal style differences within a team
  • The Team Dimensions Profile and how to use it in your team
  • Team agreement and conflict
  • Groupthink and effective team decisions
  • Handling stalemate
  • Collaboration, Trust, and Effective Negotiation
  • Job shadowing: experiencing the ‘other side’

For the past several years, we've integrated culinary teambuilding into many of our programs.  It's been successfully implemented in companies, camps, and nonprofits.  Think of it as "Iron Chef" with a focus on teamwork.  Click here to read an article about the program. 

Group Development Assessment

As your groups evolve into teams, it's vital that they periodically assess their current level of group development - and be willing to discuss it openly. The Group Development Assessment (GDA) gives groups a clear, comprehensive picture of how they're functioning - and of what it will take to become a team.

The GDA measures group development along two dimensions: task behaviors and process behaviors. Groups often get stuck in one dimension as they grow in the other. Truly synergistic teams, however, engage in high levels of task and process behaviors simultaneously. When GDA scores are plotted on a matrix, teams see how close they are to that goal. The intersection of sub-scores also reveals the group's current stage of team development.