Capabilities and Accomplishments

Organizational Evolution and Strategic Planning

  • Business plan research, plan creation, and implementation to transition a $14M hospitality company into a new industry. Project included working with all aspects of the business evolution including financial, business structure, human resources, and overall project management of the transition.
  • Design and implementation of Work-Out session resulting in $1.1M in cost savings.
  • Organizational design and evolution plan for an airline catering company. Included business plan to grow business 200% in one year.
  • Design and delivery of global succession planning process, tools, and workshops for top talent and management.
  • Developed strategy and implemented process engineering for business case evaluation, process automation, website creation, and measurement. Realized savings of $500K in 1 year.
  • Created concept and led development team of the OneForm system for marketing, customer, and sales events. Evolved into a product that has realized $7M in revenue.
  • Strategic planning and design of a variety of customer, employee, vendor, and member surveys dealing with satisfaction, service, and quality. Ability to conduct focus groups, host web surveys, “mystery shopper” scenarios, and executive interviews.
  • Design and implementation of a performance management program for 3 companies (consumer products, janitorial and hospitality). Included process and tool development, competency study, training, and coaching.
  • Led global, cross-functional $1M project to automate customer submission process of sales data that resulted in higher data integrity, faster processing, and quicker applicability of information to business managers. Cost savings of $1.5M realized in less than a year.
  • Design and execution of a marketing operations strategy, resulting in $600K first-year savings.

Team Building

  • Implementation of a team development program for a telecom company. Able to increase customer satisfaction 25 percentage points and realize $2M additional revenue.
  • Design and implementation of a year-long teambuilding process for two companies (manufacturing and services) for their mid- and upper-management teams.  Resulted in greater clarity of roles, responsibilities, process, and collaboration.
  • Led manufacturing team re-design resulting in more efficient processes. Plant was able to increase production by 30% in six months.
  • Development and implementation of customized teambuilding process addressing issues of mission, objectives, roles, responsibilities, individual abilities, collaboration, communication, and conflict resolution. This has been done in the following industries:
    • Manufacturing (paint, water systems)
    • Customer Service (customer training, plumbing)
    • Nonprofits (religious, arts)
    • Technology (chip design and manufacturing)
  • Design and implementation of a program to increase team effectiveness across 4 locations in 3 countries. Customer satisfaction with team results increase 25% in one year.


  • Creation and facilitation of a information-sharing network among North Texas consultants, educational institutions, and companies.
  • Design and implementation of over 10 Board of Directors/Governors Retreats for religious organizations, arts organizations, social service agencies, businesses, and associations.
  • Project design and meeting facilitation for a new educational and programs for special needs children for a major nonprofit organization.
  • Design and delivery of more than 30 New Manager and New Team sessions for a variety of industries and organizations.
  • Meeting design and management for groups ranging in size from 12 to 40. Utilization of creative discussion, negotiation, and decision-making strategies.


  • Design and delivery of a six-month development process for new high-tech managers.
  • Design and delivery of training on topics such as teams, management, ethics, harassment, coaching, interpersonal communications, presentation skills, and project management.
  • 25 years classroom delivery experience in a variety of industries, countries, and topics.
  • Web-based learning solutions created for customer service and operational processes organizations.


  • Executive coach for 3 key executives in a financial company. Helped them prepare and transition to new roles.
  • Coach for 4 Vice Presidents in a high tech company dealing with performance and team issues.
  • Have served as executive coach in the following industries:  manufacturing, telecom, education, nonprofit, and customer service.