A la Carte

Many companies are searching for short, high-impact training sessions to meet immediate needs. Our Development a la Carte allows companies to choose topics that are critical to their success without having to purchase day-long training.
We begin the process by conducting a brief interview to help you determine which topics are the highest need. Then, we work with you to tailor the topics to your needs. The topics are then delivered on-site adding high-iimpact development in an efficient and timely manner. 

The topics listed are our current offerings. They are 2-3 hours and you can combine several topics into a longer session, if you choose. Or, you can offer multiple sessions on the same day to allow employees and managers flexibility in scheduling.


Cost for delivery varies on topic complexity.  Additional discounts may occur for volume.  The range is $250-350 per hour and includes materials unless otherwise noted. Maximum sesssion size is 25 people.

The following topics are currently available in our A la Carte series. Check those you are interested in and complete your information below. We will contact you right away*Additional materials fee of $20 per person will apply.